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Essential Boiler Care

Essential Boiler Care

You can prolong the life of your boiler and help prevent breakdowns by following our essential care guide.

There are some easy steps that you can follow to keep your boiler in top shape. Correct maintenance can prevent breakdowns and can even prolong the life of your boiler, keeping it working throughout winter when you need it most.

Pre-winter prep

Insulate pipes – if your boiler is in your garage or loft, make sure all pipes are insulated so they don’t freeze in the winter. Make sure you insulate the pipes to your cold water tank too, if you have one.

Insulate your loft – if your boiler and/or water tank is in the loft, make sure it is well insulated from the cold. A frozen pipe could burst causing a leak in your home.

Boiler service – it’s recommended that you service your boiler once a year. We suggest doing this just before winter as your boiler tends to be off for the summer.

Pre-winter test run – we recommend that you turn your heating on briefly every now and then throughout the summer.

Power flushing

Dirt and debris gradually build up in your heating system, caused by the metal components in your system reacting with water. Including from your radiators and pipes. We recommend power flushing your system every 6 years, or when installing a new boiler. By removing the sludge from your system your radiators will heat up faster and you could save money on your heating bills. To book a plumber for a power flush, please get in touch.

Water Inhibitors

A water inhibitor is generally added after a power flush, to help prevent corrosion and build up in your heating system.

Boiler upgrades

A quick solution to help maintain your boiler is a central heating filter system. Quick and easy to install, it can help maintain your boiler for years to come. We recommend installing them with all new boilers. To see our full list of heating and gas services check out our Heating & Gas page.

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