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What Boiler Do I Need?

What Boiler Do I Need?

Different boilers have different benefits. Find out what type of boiler is best suited to your home.

There are three mains types of heating systems that are used in UK homes today. If you’re looking to upgrade or convert your current heating system it’s essential you use a boiler best suited to you and your home. Upgrading your heating system can save you a huge chunk of money on your gas bills. Apart from being more economical, they can be better for the environment. 

If you’d like advice from a member of the JLM team please give us a call to arrange a consultation with a certified gas engineer.

Conventional boilers

Also known as ‘regular’ (as they have previously been the standard for UK homes) or ‘heat only’ boilers. They work using two big tanks to store water, one in the loft for cold water and another to store your hot water.


Great for homes that use lots of hot water at the same time
Simple in design so are easy to maintain
Work in areas that have low water pressure


Hot water pressure can be low, not great for showers
More heat is lost than other systems because hot water is stored
Lots of space needed, including a loft for the cold water tank
Risk of pipes freezing in the loft in the winter

System boilers

A system boiler takes up less space than a conventional boiler, and you don’t need to have a loft for a cold water tank. 


More economical than a regular boiler
Easier to fit and install
Often heats water quicker than a regular boiler
Takes up less space than a regular boiler


Still loses heat as water is stored, especially if the tank is not insulated
The amount of water available depends on the size of the tank

Combi boilers

Water gets heated as and when it’s needed, meaning less heat wasted and more money in your pocket. Great for smaller homes.


Generally the most economical option as it wastes less heat and gas
You don’t need a large water tank
Very compact, so great for properties with limited space


Not suitable for large homes that use lots of hot water at the same time
Relies on mains water pressure

To find out if updating your boiler could save you money and heat your home better, speak to a member of the JLM team. We can send one of our specialist gas engineers to assess your home and advise on what options would suit you. For more information on our heating and gas service check out our Heating & Gas page.

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