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Tips For Living In A Hard Water Area

Tips For Living in a Hard Water Area

A large part of the UK has hard water, including London and Hertfordshire. Find out what having hard water means for you.

This means the water contains higher levels of dissolved minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium. It’s not bad for your health however it can cause trouble in your home.

Your boiler and heating

The hard water running through your boiler and heating system will gradually cause scale. This solid build up stops your heating working as efficiently. It coats parts of your boiler and builds up in your radiators and pipes. Your heating will heat up slower and your boiler will burn more gas. Eventually, if left untreated, your boiler may breakdown.

☆ Top Solution: A power flush clears limescale and other debris from your system. We recommend having a power flush every 6 years.

Washing and Cleaning

When you use a soap based product in hard water, less suds are produced. So your detergent and even your shampoo don’t go as far in hard water. You’ll end up spending more money on cleaning products for you and your home.

☆ Top Solution: Installing a water softener or scale reducer will soften the water throughout your home.

Water marks and limescale

That hard pale stuff around your taps is limescale. Once it has been left to build up it’s nearly impossible to remove without strong chemical cleaners.

☆ Top Solution: Regularly wipe down taps, sinks, baths and showers. If you don’t allow scale to build up it won’t get out of control.

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