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Save Money On Your Gas Bills

Save Money on Your Gas Bills

Our top tips for saving money on your gas bills.

We’ve put together our top tips to help you save money on your gas bills. Did you know you can save money without spending a penny? Or, by installing a smart heating system, or by upgrading your boiler you could save even more.

Save money for free:

  • Set up a timer – try using your timer to turn your heating off when you’re regularly out of the house and at night.
  • Time your heating right – when you’re using a timer the heating should go off before you stop needing it because radiators will stay hot for a while. If you’re leaving early for work, try having the heating come on 30 minutes before you wake up, and turn off an hour before you leave.
  • Turn down your thermostat – try turning down your thermostat by a few degrees.
  • Turn down your radiators – try turning your radiators down in rooms you don’t use as often, or in rooms that get very warm. If you don’t have thermostatic radiator valves, consider getting them installed.
  • Block draughts – stop cold air entering your home using heavy curtains and draft stoppers around doors (a rolled up towel works great!). Laying rugs on hard floors helps too. The warmer you keep your home, the less you’ll need your heating.
  • Unblock radiators – if your radiators are covered or blocked by furniture the warm air won’t reach you, even though you’ve already paid for it.
  • Turn it off – don’t waste money heating an empty home, especially when using a timer. If you’re out, away from ‘routine’ turn your heating off until you get home. Some boilers have an ‘eco’ setting, which is great to use if you’re going away for a longer period of time. 

Power flushing:

Over time debris builds up inside your heating system. Power flushing removes all the dirt and debris, resulting in more efficient heating. Your radiators will get hotter and your home will heat up much faster. It also helps prolong the life of your boiler too. For more information or to book a power flush please give us a call on 0800 0029491. Prices start from £250.

Smart heating systems:

A smart heating system gives you greater control over your heating. Many systems will link to an app, allowing you to turn your heating on or off even if you’re not home! It works great if you don’t have a regular schedule, or if you’re a bit forgetful. Save money by only using your heating when you need to. Our engineers can install a range of systems. 

Boiler upgrades:

Upgrading to a more efficient boiler could save you a huge chunk of money on your gas bills, especially if your boiler is old. If you’re interested in upgrading your boiler get in touch with a member of the team.

Central heating conversion:

New modern heating systems are far more efficient, they heat your home quicker using less gas. It is a more expensive option but it will save you the most money in the long run. Speak to a member of our team for an estimate or to arrange a visit from an engineer to assess your home.

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