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Reduce Your Impact On The Environment

Reduce your impact on the environment

Whatever your budget, we’ve got simple solutions to help you reduce your impact on our planet.

Many of us are interested in reducing our negative impact on the environment, but we don’t always have large amounts of spare cash to be investing in sustainable tech. Even if your budget totals £0 you can still reduce your water and gas usage in your home, click below for our cost free eco-friendly guide.


A lower cost solution to reducing your gas consumption is to insulate your home. You can renew or improve existing insulation in the loft, keeping the heat in and the cold out will reduce your need for heating in the winter. A lot of heat is lost through your windows. Having heavy curtains will make a big difference, especially in the winter. Use draft stoppers around doors.

Upgrade appliances to A or A+

Consider upgrading your appliances to those that are A or A+ rated so they use less energy to run.

Power flushing

A power flush removes dirt and debris that builds up in your system. Cleaning your heating system can make your heating more efficient. Radiators will get hotter, much quicker, so you’ll use less gas. It can also prolong the life of your boiler and save you money.

Upgrade your boiler

Newer boilers tend to be more energy efficient and use less gas. Many new boilers also come with an ‘eco’ setting so you can keep your gas usage low. Our team of certified gas engineers can assess your property and recommend the best boiler for your home.

Convert your central heating system

It’s a more expensive option, but if your system is particularly old you can drastically reduce your gas use by converting your heating system. To have an assessment of your current heating system please give us a call. One of our experts will be able to advise you on the best option for your home.

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