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How To Stop Your Pipes Freezing

How to Stop Your Pipes Freezing

Protect your pipes from freezing during cold weather.

We’ve got some super simple tips to stop your pipes freezing in the winter. We’ll also tell you what pipes to look out for during extreme cold weather. Allowing your pipes to freeze completely can cause them to burst, follow our guide to help save yourself a visit from a plumber.

Essential tips:

  • Install shut off valves – great for garden taps that you won’t need during the winter season.
  • Wrap up your pipes – a layer of insulation can work wonders. Foam insulation is cheap but in extreme cold you may also need wool or hessian insulation too. It may need replacing occasionally if it becomes damaged or weather worn.
  • Frost protection cable – our plumbers can wrap a small cable around any at risks pipes, that will automatically provide heat to the pipe and stop it freezing when the temperature drops. These can be installed and provide frost protection for years to come. 

My pipe has frozen, what do I do?

Use warm water to defrost the pipe. Using a kettle is easiest, but make sure the water isn’t too hot or you could crack the pipe. Be careful, wear gloves and stand well away. Watch out for rising steam.

Pipes to watch out for:

Your boiler condensate pipe is a white plastic pipe that will come from the bottom on your boiler and usually go through the wall and outside. This may freeze in extreme cold and if it does, your boiler won’t work. Run some warm water over the pipe and reset your boiler to get it back up and running.

Any pipes that are outdoors, in a garage or in a poorly insulated loft are at risk from freezing. If your boiler is in your garage make sure that all the pipes going into the boiler are well insulated, including any pipes that get hot. If your heating is off overnight these could still freeze during extreme weather. A leak caused by a freezing pipe is the last thing you want in winter.

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