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Our Cost Free Eco-friendly Guide

Our Cost Free Eco-friendly Guide

Reduce your impact on the environment without spending a penny.

By being more mindful of how you use water and heating you could also save money on your bills.

Save water

Flushing the toilet – toilets can use over 10 litres of water to flush each time. Completely fill a 1 litre bottle with water and place it into your toilet cistern (the small tank that holds the water above your toilet). Make sure the bottle is away from any moving parts.
Choose a shower – instead of a bath, try having a shower. You shouldn’t need to shower for more than a few minutes. 
Turn off taps – turn off the tap whilst you’re brushing your teeth. Or if you’re doing the washing up, try using a bowl of water instead of a running tap to clean your dishes. 
Turn your washing machine to a faster setting – quicker settings use less water. 
Recycle water – save clean waste water (like the water you use to cook your veg, or your pets old water) for watering your garden. Make sure it doesn’t contain any chemicals or other harmful residue.

Use less gas

Set up a timer – try using your timer to turn your heating off when you’re regularly out of the house and at night. 
Time your heating right – radiators stay hot for a while so your heating should be off before you stop needing it. For example, if you leave early in the morning for work, try having the heating come on half an hour before you wake up, and turn off up to an hour before you leave. 
Turn down your thermostat – try down your thermostat by a few degrees so your heating is on less. 
Turn down your radiators – try turning your radiators down in rooms you don’t use as often and in rooms that get very warm. You’ll waste less gas heating unoccupied rooms. 
Block draughts – stop cold air entering your home using heavy curtains and draft stoppers (a rolled up towel works great!) around doors. 
Put down rugs – laying rugs on hard floors will help keep your home warm. The warmer you keep your home, the less you’ll need your heating. 
Unblock radiators – if your radiators are covered or blocked by furniture the warm air won’t reach you and you’ll waste gas. 
Turn it off – don’t waste gas heating an empty home, especially when using a timer. If you’re out, away from ‘routine’ turn your heating off until you get home. Some boilers have an ‘eco’ setting, which is great to use if you’re going away for a while.

You can dramatically reduce your impact on the environment by spending money on sustainable solutions. For a consultation with a specialist plumber or gas engineer please get in touch.

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